Built for the Fort Smith, Subiaco & Rock Island, later Saint Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern, then Missouri Pacific #2522 on display in City Park, Paris, AR

Missouri Pacific #2522, Paris, AR

Located in the City Park, Paris, AR, lettered as Fort Smith, Subiaco and Rock Island #2522 is the former Missouri Pacific #2522, a Ten Wheeler (4-6-0) type locomotive. It is one of ten built for the Saint Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern in 1900 (#765-#774) by the Cooke Locomotive & Machine Company in Paterson, NJ, later part of Alco. A 2516 Class, it was outshopped as #771. When the SLIM&S was consolidated into the Missouri Pacific in 1917, it was renumbered #2522.

Equipped with Stephenson valve gear and 20” x 24” cylinders, it has an engine wheelbase of 50’ 5” and a driver wheelbase of 23’ 4”. Weighing 147,300 lbs, it weighs 109,600 lbs on its 61” drivers. With a 29 sq ft grate, 160 sq ft firebox and total heating surface of 2,086 sq ft, it operated at a boiler pressure of 190 psi delivering 25,416 lbs tractive effort.

The tender weighs 93,700 lbs light and has a capacity of 4,000 gallons of water and 9 tons of coal.

At some point, #2522 was sold to the Fort Smith, Subiaco & Rock Island Railroad. In 1963, it was then sold to the scrap dealer Malvern Iron & Metal Co., in Paris, AR.


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In 1966, #2522 was bought by the City of Paris.

It is one of only two Missouri Pacific steam locomotives to survive, but is in parlous state, with extreme corrosion, drivers sunk into the ground and a target for souvenir seekers and vandalism.