GN P-2 #2507 is on display near the Amtrak Depot in Wishram, WA

GN P-2 #2507, Wishram, WA

The shed over Great Northern P-2 Class #2507 is, to my mind, far too constricting, and it making good photos very difficult. You can, however, see the only other surviving P-2 on the GN #2523 page of this website.

The Great Northern took delivery of twenty-eight of
these Mountain (4-8-2) type locomotives from Baldwin
in 1923 (#2500-#2527), designed to haul the
Minneapolis, MN-Seattle, WA, Oriental Limited. Ten were coal burners and handled the Oriental east of Cut Bank, MT. The other eighteen, including #2507, were oil burners and operated further west. The locomotives were considered a great success and could haul ten to twelve heavyweight passenger cars at 18 mph on the 1.8% ruling grade eastbound up Walton Hill just before Marias Pass in north-western Montana.

#2507 weighs 388,700 lbs, 265,500 on its 73” drivers. It has an 88 sq ft grate, 399 sq ft firebox with 40 sq ft of arch tubes and 95 sq ft in the combustion chamber. With 29” x 28” cylinders and a 6,218 sq ft total heating surface, including 1,368 sq ft superheating, it operated at a boiler pressure of 200 psi delivering 54,823 lbs tractive effort. The pressure was later raised to 210 psi, which increased tractive effort by 5% to 57,580 lbs.


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GN P-2 #2507, WishramGN P-2 #2507, WishramGN P-2 #2507, WishramGN P-2 #2507, WishramGN P-2 #2507, WishramGN P-2 #2507, Wishram
GN P-2 #2507, WishramGN P-2 #2507, Wishram

The P-2 Class locomotives were eventually replaced by the S-2 Class Northerns on Great Northern's passenger services. They were then used in freight service until progressively retired between 1955 and 1958.

#2507 retired in 1957 and was sold to the Seattle, Portland & Spokane. It was donated to the County of Klickitat and went on display at Maryhill, WA, in 1966. After an unsuccessful restoration effort at Pasco, WA, it was repainted in 2002 and moved to to its current location next to the Amtrak depot in Wishram, WA, in 2003.

GN P-2 #2507, WishramGN P-2 #2507, WishramGN P-2 #2507, WishramGN P-2 #2507, Wishram