SOO H-3 #730 off US Highway 2 in Gladstone, MI


To my mind, this is perhaps the most inappropriately displayed locomotive in the US. There is no parking anywhere near the shed and, to get to the engine you
would have to trespass on clearly signposted Soo Line/Canadian Pacific land on one side, or brave crossing a busy four lane highway to a heavily overgrown verge on the other side of US Route 2. The photos on this page were consequently taken from Delta Ave and Minnesota Ave to the east of the highway. You can get a better look at a Soo Line H-3, #736, in Appleton, WI, (there are photos of it on the SOO #736 page of this website).

A Pacific type (4-6-2) locomotive, #730 was built at Alco’s Schenectady, NY, works in 1911 for the Soo Line. With Walschaert valve gear and 25” x 26” cylinders, it has an engine wheelbase of 34’ 7”, a driver wheelbase of 13’ 6”, and weighs 277,570 lbs, 171,960 on its 75” drivers. The grate is 52.75 sq ft and the firebox 207.4 sq ft. Total heating surface is 4,197 sq ft, including 805 sq ft superheating. Operating at a boiler pressure of 200 psi, it delivered 36,833 lbs tractive effort. The tender weighs 216,000 lbs light with a capacity of 12 tons of coal and 7,500 gallons of water.

#730 was donated to the City of Gladstone in 1960.


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SOO H-3 #730, GladstoneSOO H-3 #730, GladstoneSOO H-3 #730, GladstoneSOO H-3 #730, GladstoneSOO H-3 #730, GladstoneSOO H-3 #730, Gladstone