DMIR K-1 #1218 on display at the Soudan Historical Society in Tower, MN

DMIR K-1 #1218, Tower, MN

Delivered in June 1910 as #218, this was one of twenty-six Consolidation type (2-8-0) K class saturated steam locomotives (#209-#224) built for the Duluth & Iron Range by Burnham, Williams & Co., an early incarnation of the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia, PA.

As built, the K class weighed 198,000 lbs, 175,000 lbs on its 54” drivers. When the D&IR superheated the class with twenty-five 5½" flues, the engine weight rose to 214,650 lbs, 194,450 lbs on its drivers, which were increased to 55”. The grate area stayed at 49.5 sq ft, but the firebox rose from 158 sq ft to 200 sq ft. With 570 sq ft superheating and one hundred and sixty-six 2" tubes, the total heating surface dropped slightly from 2,843 sq ft to 2,704 sq ft. Cylinder volume also increased with 24" x 28” cylinders in place of the original 22” x 28” ones. Retaining the boiler pressure of 200 psi, the modified engines, the redesignated K-1 class, delivered a hefty 49,850 lbs tractive effort, an increase of 7,186 lbs.

#1218 has Walschaert valve gear, an MB Standard Stoker, two #10 Nathan Simplex Injectors with slide checks and four Wilson Blowdown Valves.


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DMIR K-1 #1218, TowerDMIR K-1 #1218, TowerDMIR K-1 #1218, TowerDMIR K-1 #1218, TowerDMIR K-1 #1218, TowerDMIR K-1 #1218, Tower
DMIR K-1 #1218, TowerDMIR K-1 #1218, Tower
DMIR K-1 #1218, Tower

The superheated K-1 class locomotives were returned to service mated with heavier tenders than the K class, weighing 137,400 lbs light instead of 120,000 lbs.

The tender has a capacity of 6,550 gallons of water and 14 tons of coal.

DMIR K-1 #1218, TowerDMIR K-1 #1218, Tower
DMIR K-1 #1218, TowerDMIR K-1 #1218, Tower

When the Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Railroad was formed from the Duluth, Missabe & Northern, the Spirit Lake Transfer Railway, Duluth & Iron Range and Interstate Transfer Railway in 1938, #218 was renumbered #1218.

Many of this class worked to the end of steam on the railroad. #1218 was retired in 1962 and
donated to the City of Tower, MN. It is on display next to the 1915 DM&IR train depot at the Tower-Soudan Historical Society. The land and depot were also donated to the City of Tower by the DM&IR.

DMIR K-1 #1218, TowerDMIR K-1 #1218, TowerDMIR K-1 #1218, TowerDMIR K-1 #1218, Tower
DMIR K-1 #1218, TowerDMIR K-1 #1218, TowerDMIR K-1 #1218, Tower