RAYO #10 on display in Tillicum Park, Forks, WA

RAYO #10, Tillicum Park, Forks, WA

This three 3-Shay was built by Lima in 1930 for an unknown Canadian company. Shipped to the Hofius Steel & Equipment Co., dealer in Seattle, WA, when the original buyer could not complete payment, it went on sale, it was moved to a siding at the Milwaukee Road's Seattle, WA, Roundhouse when Hofius closed. In 1941, it was finally sold to the Ozette Timber Co., in Tyee, WA. Ozette Timber was sold to Rayonier in 1954 where the locomotive became the company’s second #10 and worked at Hoko Camp, WA. In 1959, it was donated to the City of Forks, WA, and went on display at its current location just off US 101 in Tillicum Park.

#10 is an example of a “Pacific Coast Shay”. Produced in the 1920s and 1930s, these were more powerful versions of standard 3 truck Shays: #10 is superheated, has a 13” longer firebox, lower gear ratio, steel cab, cast steel trucks and a steel girder frame with a larger opening than the standard I-beam frame to allow access to the locomotive's staybolts. It weighs 162,200 lbs empty. An oil burner with three vertically mounted 13” x 15” cylinders, it operated at a boiler pressure of 200 psi delivering 38,200 lbs tractive effort. The fuel bunker held 1,200 gallons of oil. The water tank held 3,000 gallons.

You can see another “Pacific Coast Shay” on the Cass Scenic Rail Road page of this website.


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