SP M-6 #1765 on display at the Lomita Railroad Museum, Lomita, CA

SP M-6 #176, Lomita Railroad Museum, Lomita, CA

This Class M-6 Mogul (2-6-0) type locomotive was one of sixty-nine (#1725-#1769 & #1780-#1803) built for the Southern Pacific in 1902 by Burnham, Williams & Co., an early incarnation of the Baldwin Locomotive Works.

The SP was relatively late to start buying Moguls in any number. The type had been popular with many railroads in the mid-late nineteenth century, and SP’s predecessor, the Central Pacific owned a small number from the 1860s. By the time the SP started acquiring Moguls at the turn of the century, however, the type had largely fallen out of favour with other railroads, which were starting to invest in larger Consolidation (2-8-0) types. The SP eventually rostered two hundred and fifty-two Moguls.

#1765 mainly hauled freight but also, occasionally, light passenger trains. It was based in the Los Angeles area and was sometimes assigned in helper service over the Soledad Canyon summit to Palmdale. Its last major overhaul, including new tires on the drivers, was in 1953. Retired in 1958, it was sold for scrap to the National Metals Company on Terminal Island until it was bought by the City of Lomita for display at the Lomita Railroad Museum.


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SP M-6 #1765, LomitaSP M-6 #1765, Lomita

The Lomita Railroad Museum is located at 2137 W 250th St in Lomita, CA, and is open Thursday-Sunday 10.00 am - 5.00 pm (closed major holidays). It was founded by Irene Lewis in the early 1960s and opened in 1966.

The museum building is a replica of a 19th
Century depot that once stood in Wakefield, MA. The 35’ tall water tower is also a replica completed in 2001. As well as #1765, the museum is home to a 1910 UP Caboose, a modern AT&SF caboose, a 1923 Union Oil Tank Car and a 1913 SP wooden box car.

SP M-6 #1765, LomitaSP M-6 #1765, LomitaSP M-6 #1765, LomitaSP M-6 #1765, Lomita
SP M-6 #1765, LomitaSP M-6 #1765, LomitaSP M-6 #1765, Lomita

The M-6 locomotives were built as saturated Vauclain compounds with Stephenson valve gear, and 15½” x 28” high pressure and 26” x 28” low pressure cylinders. They weighed 166,300 lbs, 144,120 lbs on their 63” drivers. Oil burners operating at a boiler pressure of 200 psi, they delivered 26,785 lbs tractive effort.

Simpled in 1912 with 22” x 28” cylinders, they were then superheated in 1919 by the SP. This raised their weight to 174,000 lbs, 150,400 lbs on their drivers, and increased tractive effort by nearly 25% to 33,320 lbs.

SP M-6 #1765, Lomita

#1765 has a 49.5 sq ft grate, 170 sq ft firebox and total heating surface of 2,380 sq ft, including 373 sq ft superheating.

The “whaleback” tender was a later addition built at the SP’s Sacramento shops.

SP M-6 #1765, LomitaSP M-6 #1765, LomitaSP M-6 #1765, Lomita