CBQ S-4 #3001, Ballingall Park, Ottumwa, IA

CBQ S-4 #3001, Ottumwa, IA

CBQ S-4 #3001 was donated to the City of Ottumwa, IA, by the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy in August 1959 on the 100th anniversary of the arrival of the first train into Ottumwa on the Burlington & Missouri Railroad, later part of the CB&Q. It is on display in Ballingall Park next to the Amtrak depot.

The CB&Q ordered a total of twelve of these Hudson type (4-6-4) locomotives from Baldwin in 1930 (#3000-#3011). Designated Class S-4, they were designed for fast passenger service and went into service pulling CB&Q "varnish" passenger services such as the Ak-Sar-Ben between Lincoln, NE, and Chicago, IL (Ak-Sar-Ben is "Nebraska" spelt backwards), the Chicago, IL-Denver, CO, Aristocrat and the Black Hawk Chicago, IL–Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN, overnight.

The S-4 was one of the most successful steam locomotives operated by the CB&Q. They eliminated the need to swap one locomotive for another on long trips, and they were also fast: one is credited with hauling ten standard passenger cars between Cochrane and La Crosse, WI, at 112 mph.


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CBQ S-4 #3001, OttumwaCBQ S-4 #3001, OttumwaCBQ S-4 #3001, OttumwaCBQ S-4 #3001, OttumwaCBQ S-4 #3001, OttumwaCBQ S-4 #3001, Ottumwa

Above, note the Elesco K-50 feedwater heater in front of the smokestack. With a Type B stoker and an 87.9 sq ft grate, the locomotive's 131' ⅞" long, 96" wide firebox was fitted with 43 sq ft of arch tubes and had a 70 sq ft combustion chamber.
An additional 1,830 sq ft of superheating brought the total heating surface to 6,077 sq ft. With Baker long-frame valve gear, 25" x 28" cylinders, 14" diameter piston valves, and operating at a boiler pressure of 250 psi, the S-4 delivered 47,676 lbs tractive effort.

#3001 weighs 391,880 lbs, 207,730 lbs on its 78" drivers. The tender weighs 326,050 lbs light and has a capacity of 24 tons of coal and 15,000 gallons of water.

Four other S-4s survive. #3007 is on the Illinois Railway Museum Yard page of this website, #3003 on display in Burlington, IA, on the CBQ S-4 #3003 page and #3006 at the Galesburg Railroad Museum in Galesburg, IL, on the CBQ S-4 #3006 page.

#3002 was streamlined to haul the railroad's
stainless-steel Zephyrs. It was renumbered #4000, named Aeolus and earned the nickname "Big Alice the Goon" after a Popeye cartoon character. After its success, a second was built from scratch, #4001. #4000 (ex #3002) on display in La Crosse, WI, is on the CBQ S-4A #4000 page of this website.

CBQ S-4 #3001, OttumwaCBQ S-4 #3001, OttumwaCBQ S-4 #3001, OttumwaCBQ S-4 #3001, OttumwaCBQ S-4 #3001, OttumwaCBQ S-4 #3001, OttumwaCBQ S-4 #3001, Ottumwa