WM K-2 #202 is on display at the Hagerstown Railroad Museum in Hagerstown, MD

WM K-2 #202, Hagerstown, MD

Nine Class K-2 Pacific type (4-6-2) locomotives were built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works for the Western Maryland in 1912 (#201-#209), larger than the ten K-1 Class delivered in 1909, and superheated. Superheating required a change from slide valves to larger cylinders and piston valves. Delivered with Baker valve gear, by 1938, all had been converted to Walschaert valve gear.

They were bought to work on the newly completed Connellsville extension in 1912, and hauled passenger trains between Baltimore, MD, and Chicago, IL, including the first class Chicago Limited and Baltimore Limited. However, the first class trains had been abandoned by 1917 but the K-2s continued hauling the coach class trains until most of those were cancelled in the early 1950s and the few left were taken over by diesels. Four were converted to oil burners in 1947 to comply with smoke regulations in Baltimore, MD, (#201, #202, #204 & #206) and stayed east of Cumberland, MD, for the remainder of their operating life.

#202 weighs 254,300 lbs, 160,500 lbs on its 69” drivers. It has 24" x 28" cylinders, an engine wheelbase of 33’ and driver wheelbase of 12’ 6”.


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WM K-2 #202, HagerstownWM K-2 #202, HagerstownWM K-2 #202, Hagerstown
WM K-2 #202, HagerstownWM K-2 #202, Hagerstown

#202 has a 61.8 sq ft and the 307 sq ft firebox includes thermic syphons. Total heating surface is 4,316 sq ft, including 755 sq ft superheating. Operating at a boiler pressure of 200 psi, it delivered 39,736 lbs tractive effort. The tender weighs 166,300 lbs light with a capacity of 8,000 gallons of water and 3,174 gallons of oil.

#202 is one of only two Western Maryland steam locomotives to have survived. You can see the other, Shay #6, the largest surviving Shay in the US, hauling an excursion on the Cass Scenic Railroad page of this website.

WM K-2 #202, HagerstownWM K-2 #202, HagerstownWM K-2 #202, Hagerstown
WM K-2 #202, Hagerstown

The K-2s were retired between 1952 and 1954, #202 in 1952, having worked most of its life in the Hagerstown area. It was then moved to the Hagerstown Shops where it sat with other retired
K2s being stripped of their hardware.

In 1953, the Western Maryland decided to donate #202 to the children of Hagerstown and
place it on display in Hagerstown City Park. Before it was moved, the locomotive was almost completely rebuilt by the Western Maryland.

In 1983, #202 was sold to an individual named John Long who started, but never completed, a program of restoration work. After he passed away, title reverted back to the City of Hagerstown and it remains in the park under the auspices of the Hagerstown Railroad Museum.

WM K-2 #202, HagerstownWM K-2 #202, HagerstownWM K-2 #202, HagerstownWM K-2 #202, HagerstownWM K-2 #202, HagerstownWM K-2 #202, HagerstownWM K-2 #202, HagerstownWM K-2 #202, HagerstownWM K-2 #202, HagerstownWM K-2 #202, HagerstownWM K-2 #202, HagerstownWM K-2 #202, Hagerstown